Concordia Concert at The City Hall 26.4.17

On Wednesday 26th April, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Brabbs took a group of 50 children to The City Hall to take part in the Concordia Concert. The concert was held over two nights, and a total of 16 schools took part overall. Each school sang a song individually during the first half, and had to choose a song that made them feel happy. All the schools were on stage for the second half where they sang Local Songs to celebrate the North East. Around 400 children sang to a packed audience and they were brilliant.
Stocksfield Avenue children were a credit to themselves, their parents and the school, and they all sang, and behaved, beautifully. Our song, played by Mrs. Scott and conducted by Mr. Brabbs was a medley of Disney songs, aptly named 'Disney Dazzle' - apt because the children did dazzle, and afterwards, a number of parents from other schools complimented them on their performance.
Thank you to everyone who came to support the children in the evening, to all the staff who spent the afternoon and evening helping out, to Mrs. Scott and Mr. Brabbs for preparing the children so well...but most of all, to the children, who once again did Stocksfield proud!