Nursery Chatterbox

18th October 2018

We had such a fantastic turn-out for the Chatterbox making sessions.  The children brought a shoebox from home and helped by Mams, Dads, Nannas and Grandads they wrapped and decorated each box using their best creative skills and what brilliant results!  A full range of resources were used with the pom-poms and glitter being clear favourites.

Each child also brought up to 5 items to place in their specially decorated box.  We look forward to the children having the opportunity to share their surprise items with their friends in the Nursery.

The Chatterboxes will give the children a whole range of potential key skills.  They will be encouraged to talk and therefore help further develop speech, language and communication. They will share and take-turns as well as help develop good listening habits. Their chosen items make important links to their interests and previous experiences which will enable them to make connections in their thinking and language skills as well as important repetition of key basic speaking and listening skills… All that from a little shoebox; the learning possibilities in the Nursery are endless! See pictures here