Plans for September

16th July 2020

Where are we regarding a full opening in September?


We are really looking forward to having all the children back and wish the return to school to be smooth and comfortable for all children, staff and parents. We are aware some families/children will find this tricky and may have some anxieties. However, all the children who did manage a return before the summer either in a key worker group or in one of the chosen groups (N,R,1 and 6) did so with no problems and thoroughly enjoyed being back into the school routine and seeing their friends and teachers again. After initial worries that anyone would have returning after such a long time away, by day 2 these were forgotten.

Staff do recognise that we may have to support some children more than others and we will work with you to make the transition back as smooth as possible.

Our risk assessments are completed in school and we are planning for a full return in September. Clearly if anything changes over the summer our plans would be altered.  We have taken account of all the government guidance around staggered starting days and times etc.

Attached to this email are a set of frequently asked questions that may help you with any worries or key information needs, and a letter regarding how we will return.

Before school opens in September we will send you another email and upload information onto our website again about how the return will take place. This will take into account any changes that may occur over the summer.

Please take the time to read both documents as they contain key information about starting times and starting days.

They also outline some guidance that will help ensure everyone is safe on the school site.

Key information to note at this time

  • Is my child in group A or B or do I have children in both?
  • What time does my child’s group start and finish?
  • Where do I go to drop off and collect?
  • What day does my child start back?

It will be very important that all parents know this and follow this as we have little room for flexibility. We will try to have staff out and about the first week back to help direct you.


We hope you all have a lovely summer.

Mrs. S.Hayes